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  • Mezbaur Rahman

    Mezbaur Rahman

  • Mark Medina

    Mark Medina

  • Mag Leahy

    Mag Leahy

    Leader ⚡ Technologist ⚡ Coach ⚡ Speaker ⚡ Explorer ⚡ Building Agile technical teams ⚡ Passionate about intersectionality, diversity, equity, positive culture 🖤

  • Stein Janssen

    Stein Janssen

    Passionate about software development and personal finance.

  • Helen Scott

    Helen Scott

    Developer Advocate Avocado @JetBrains. Communicator 🗣. Blogger 📝. Bananas 🍌are gross ❌. Coffee is reserved for jetlag ☕️. She/Her

  • Guilherme de Lima Barros

    Guilherme de Lima Barros

    Full Stack Engineer | Master at League of Legends | Drum Enthusiast.

  • Elukoye


    Self-taught Software Developer.

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