9 reasons why you should connect with other aspiring CTOs

At RecWorks we have recently created a new initiative designed to inspire and develop a diverse new generation of CTOs within London and beyond.

It is called Aspiring CTOs. The group has just over 50 members, here are some of the recurring themes we have seen in the reasons they told us made them sign-up:

1. To understand what the CTO role actually looks like

2. To build a loose plan to get your first CTO role

3. To find out what knowledge and skills they lack, and advice on how to fill the gap

4. To understand how they compare and contrast to other members

5. To build a network of like-minded individuals and experts

6. To meet a mentor

7. To share knowledge

8. Support and self-confidence

9. Positive vibrations


What is the aspiring CTOs initiative?

What would I be joining? Where do discussions take place?

It is administered through Google groups and we also have a dedicated Slack channel on the Meet a Mentor Slack group.

What is it all about? What happens within the group?

  • Q+As — Private Q+As over zoom with experienced CTOs. You’ll be part of a small group and have a chance to submit questions and speak directly to our guests
  • Mentoring roundtables — Regular events in which you’ll get a chance to meet a variety of experienced CTOs for events that run almost like a blend of speed dating meets Q+As
  • Mentor introductions — A chance to be matched with CTOs that are happy to pair with you directly
  • Shared content library — A chance to share content related to becoming a CTO and to see relevant content from other members
  • Buddy system — We are introducing a buddy system in which you can be paired with people that have been a member of the group for a while and are happy to talk you through their experience

Who are the members?

As with everything we do, we have a strong focus on being friendly, respectful and supportive within the group.

I want to join what do I do next?

I am intrigued, but I’m not yet ready to apply for roles, can I join and be passive?

Can I join if I’m not based in London?

Good luck! Any questions email dc@recworks.co.uk

Founder of RecWorks (Tech Recruitment), Tech Career Hacker, Java User Group Founder (LJC), London CTOs Organiser, Mentor Match-Maker